Saturday Academy

We provide tutoring in mathematics and English writing and reading, school project assistance and enrichment academic and social activities for our students. The students are in our nurturing care in children friendly and safe environment. The two hour program is tailored towards the need of each student.

Saturday Academy

School Program

Our program offer care to school age children, 3.5 to 13 years in two semesters from September to June.

Spring Semester: January 5 to June 8, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 NOON every Saturday

We offers the opportunity to experience Intensive Enrichment Curriculum which prepare students for the success. Many of our students are in gifted and talented programs after a year enrollment. The program is specifically designed to enhance their Academic, Social and Leadership capability and development.  Students are daily equipped with activities that challenge their curious minds and foster learning in Creative speaking, Effective writing in Science, Mathematics and STEM discipline generally. The style of learning is nurturing and student centered to encourage knowledge acquisition through enquiry based approach, recognition and utilization of students’ talents for better academic success.

Other fun activities include cake and ice cream fun day, movie night, birthday parties, bowling  and game night.

We provide light breakfast and or healthy snacks to our students.

Center 1:
Morgan State University
Department of Biology, Spencer Hall, Room 108
1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

Center 2:
RCCG Kings Chapel, Suite B
9411 Philadelphia Rd.
Rosedale, MD 21237