Kings Summer Academy Camp

KSAC is a six week program for children (k-12) June 25-July 28,2018  which offers the opportunity to experience Intensive Enrichment Curriculum which prepare children for the next academic year and ultimately careers in STEM disciplines.  The program is specifically designed to enhance their Academic, Social and Leadership capability and development.

Students are daily equipped with courses that challenge their curious minds. They are engaged with activities that foster learning in Creative speaking, Effective writing in Science, Mathematics and STEM discipline generally. The program provides individualized academic development at a learning pace tailored towards the need of each child. The style of learning is nurturing and student centered to encourage knowledge acquisition through enquiry based approach, recognition and utilization of students’ talents for better academic success.

English(Reading and writing)



$50 Nonrefundable Registration fee is required with application.

($50 per child )

Music (Piano)

Languages (French and Spanish)

Arts & Crafts