Our Vision: Preparing Students to be life-long inquisitive learners, solution providers, innovators, and leaders.

Our Mission: Committed to educate and provide a safe learning environment where students are actively engaged, motivated and empowered for excellence in leadership and contribution to local and global society.

Kings Summer Academy Camp offers the opportunity to experience Intensive Enrichment Curriculum which prepares children for the next academic year and ultimately careers in STEM disciplines. Our program provides 5 to 8 weeks of exciting, invigorating and unforgettable experience for children ages 5 to 18(K-12).

The program is specifically designed to enhance Academic, Social and Leadership capability, and development. The students are daily equipped with activities that foster learning in Creative speaking, Effective writing in Science, Mathematics and STEM discipline.

What to expect in the Kindergarten and Elementary Curriculum:
“Catch them young” approach by exposure to the rudiments of good study habits and motivation for excellence in Math and Science.

What to expect in the Middle School Curriculum:
Preparatory classes tailored towards competitive readiness for placement in STEM and prestigious Magnet High Schools

What to expect in the High School Curriculum:
College preparatory classes (SAT, ACT, Essay writing, Scholarship and Grant information, Choice of major and college match and building of Leadership Skills).
Extremely enriching experience and Advance Placement readiness in Stem discipline.